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The Journey To Living A Life Of Miracles, Health and Healing

What does it take to live a life of miracles and develop miracle mindedness? How can you go beyond just mouthing the words and really living a state of peace to share only love that sends your body peaceful, happy healthy inner pharmacy prescriptions. Learn how this is a process of developing awareness and vigilance to use the Course in Miracles techniques that remove the wrong minded egoic thinking to replace it with right-mindedness.  CD Running Time- 51:54

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By Larry
I've always been great at mouthing the words and being critical of others who are "not being spiritual" but sadly to say,I realize now I was projecting and need to walk the walk. Thanks for the inspiring reminders! I get it!

By L.J.
I've been stressed out so long I forgot what relaxation means other than a few classes of alcohol or smoking some pot. But now I sense I am not a victim of my dysfunctional childhood or frenzied adulthood. I can find another way to look at things and maybe,just maybe find the peace I am searching for. My journey continues!