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The Origin of Illness: Alienation From Love and The Process To Return To Wellness and Your Authentic Self

Illness begins in the mind as separation instances occur and unhealthy inner pharmacy prescriptions get written by the ego. This is an deep process that goes on at both conscious and subconscious levels. Until this origin of mental, emotional and/or physical sickness is understood individuals use magical pills and idols to avoid facing the underlying conflict and grievances that get denied and avoided.  CD Running Time-52:04

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By Norman
I began to understand much about my chronic illness and could see how I trapped myself in an unhealthy place in my mind and kept harping on all the people I felt hurt me. This was a great wake up call to forgive myself and others so I can move forward in my life and not victimize myself!

Lonliness No More
By Stacey
Every since I was a child I felt unloved. My mother used to yell at me constantly I was a good for nothing and would end up just like my father,a deadbeat. Yet after listening to this and expereincing Dr Sheen's perspective I could feel a loosening of these blockages in my and a well of hope spring. I know this is only a start but a darn good one! I ordered five more downloads from Brian today!