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Choosing Health or Sickness: The Decision Maker and The Parts of The Mind

To understand and effectively use A Course in Miracles  it is vital to have a clear picture of the different parts of the mind, how they interact and how you, as the decision maker uses your executive functioning to live in one part of the mind or the other. Brian emphasizes the power every individual has to choose peace or war, guilt or innocence and happiness or depression. Each choice activates the quality of inner pharmacy prescriptions you send yourself. Learning how to embrace this power and let go of being a victim who blames everyone for their unwanted conditions to instead be responsible for however you are experiencing life, is empowering and promotes healing, happiness and longevity. CD Running Time- 58:01

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I AM the decison maker in my life
By Kathy
I am in awe! Listening to this recording helped me look at the core of what the causes of my issues . With each recording in this series I have heard I gain so many tools to help be let go of stress and be more peaceful, and greatly improve my relationship with my family.