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The Benefits and Purposes Of Using Meditation For Sending Prescriptions For Body,Mind and Spirit To Be Calm and Heal

In this first recording of the Clear Mind Open heart Series of twelve recording you will discover the depth of your ultimate truth as a immortal spiritual being having this human experience and how the mind and body is utilized in this journey to access calming and healing prescriptions from your inner pharmacy. Brian has developed a specialized program of meditation that integrates the knowledge and techniques of ancient knowledge as he learned on his 45 year journey to living in peace and discovering Self Realization.  These techniques are highly experiential in nature as Brian likes to share his process and help you have many direct experiences of the path to living a life filled with Untiy Consciousness and peace. For best results listen to the entire Clear Mind Open Heart Series as knowledge and daily practice of this knowledge is what ensures success.

Total Running Time-60:03

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