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Transcending The Monkey Mind of Stress and Distraction To Send Calming and Enlightening Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions to Yourself

The mind is the source of what separates the oneness and divides it into labels,descriptions, stories and systems of beliefs when one becomes identifies with these images and thoughts. In this separated state ones' inner pharmacy shuts off the immune system and sends bio-chemicals that cause stress, anxiety and distraction. This special Divine Light Meditation shifts ones mind and emotional state as calming inner pharmacy prescriptions help lift you into the pure space of being and light of truth. 

Running Time-39:00

Price $ 5.99
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New Focus
By Quinn
AI felt as if a light switch was turned on inside me during the guided meditation. I really liked the way it felt and have experienced each of the many times I have now listened. I'm really beginning to understand Dr Sheen's message of how I can use the tools he shares to be my own inner pharmacist and be in control of my emotional state. Very empowering! Why don't they teach this in school or the doctors office?