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Utilizing The Wisdom of Uncertainty and Inner Purification To Access Peace and Wellness in Your Inner Pharmacy

The wisdom of uncertainty teaches to abide in each moment new and fresh trusting that each moment is perfect as it is.When this occurs we send prescriptions to our inner pharmacy to maintain peace and wellness. When we resist the present moment our yearning for security is but an egoic attempt to hold onto the past and keep things they way they were when we felt safe so as to fear the present and demand it become what we wish it to be other than what it really is causing inner pharmacy prescriptions that produce stress, distraction and predispose one to illness. Brian shares the purification process we must go through on the path to Self realization to heal the ideas that break the world into pieces so that the fragmented ego can dominate. Brian guides you through a special purification meditation that will bring you feel ins of delight to open your heart and mind in powerful ways.

CD Running Time- 55:57

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By Tory
I never looked at things the way Dr Sheen spoke about them. I always felt uncertainty was bad and caused me insecurity and fear. Now I see this differently and am willing to embrace uncertainty as a positive in my life that fills me with wonder and excitement. What a shift for me!

By Alfred
Understanding the process to help heal myself and my relationships has been enlightening. Much of what I thought was fear in my life I see now was only uncomfortable levels of uncertainty. This changes so much for me as I now have a way to use it to grow instead of shrink.

Fear Begone
By Chelsea
This really hit home for me and I had a few Ah Ha moments. The idea of seeking security and dealing with uncertainties in life has taken on a whole new meaning for me and one that feels so much saner!