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7 Keys For Attention Development App

This App gives you a good taste of what the full online 7 Keys for Attention Development program can do to help you improve the way you focus,feel and relate very quickly when watching the videos and using what you learn.

Key One-Calm Presence

What would it be like to be able to break the cycle of attention deficits, disorders and distractions instantly? Can you imagine quickly reversing feelings of agitation and anxiety to abide in greater peacefulness and relaxation? This is what you learn in Key One!Using these tools allows you to calm down, be present and feel comfortable in your body and your environment. It feels so good to know you can change your emotional state so quickly!


Key Two-Positive Attitude

Did you know scientific research has shown your inner dialogue determines how you feel and focus?  What you say to yourself with your thoughts can activate fear or confidence, weakness or strength. Every thought creates a biological reaction in your body that triggers either fear or safety.

Key Two trains you to develop positive self-talk and thinking that strengthens your focus and inner resolve. Can you imagine what it would be like to only have empowering self-images and encouraging inner-dialogue? These are the thoughts which naturally release feel good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and GABA from your inner pharmacy. Now your attention is easily directed to the task at hand while your inner resources for success are activated.

Key Three-Centered and Grounded; Contained and Embodied

Did you realize that anytime you feel imbalanced, unstable or disconnected from your body there is an inherent weakness in attention? That’s right! If you find it difficult to deal with or contain the forces and pressures you are subjected to each day, you experience attention deficits and disorder. Anxiousness sets in and soon the mind is swinging from one limb to another like a like a monkey playing. This causes mental exhaustion and great difficulty to concentrate.

What if you could be grounded, centered and empowered instead? Can you visualize what it would be like to comfortable contain any internal and external forces you are subject to while embodying strength and confidence?

Key Three helps you feel strong and solid within yourself and within your environment so you have the focus and awareness you need to succeed in your endeavors.

Key Four- Alert, Energized and Active

Has your body become sedentary and stiff? Has a lack of enjoyable physical activity contributed to any unhealthy conditions such as attention deficits, obesity, depression, heart disease or diabetes?

Being active enhances circulation, deepens breathing and activates the lymphatic system that expels dangerous toxins from the body due to the enormous number of pollutants in the air and additives in our food. Through movement these toxins are expelled to strengthen your immune and cardio vascular systems to enhance your homeostasis and your ability to concentrate. This is the purpose of Key Four

Just take a few moments to imagine what it would be like to have the ability to perform actions with an empowered state of aliveness and focused attention to enhance your success? Nice isn’t it? It’s yours for the taking!

Key Five- Attentive, Focused and Effectively Communicating

Living in this world is ALL about relationships with others, the environment and yourself. How effective is your communication? Are you able to easily express yourself,  listen, interact and share?  How well do you build rapport or empathize with others? Effective communication is proportional to how well you can give and receive attention.

Key Five trains you to develop the ability to be focused and concentrated while enhancing the skills for good communication. You soon will feel more connected and in control of your life to give attention to that which you value most in your heart. Why not start now, imagining living your life, expressing your hearts deepest yearnings ,feeling the joy of being alive?


Key Six- Open and Connected, Stress and Conflict Free

Stress causes constriction in the body and mind that dis-empowers your intentions and overpowers your ability to be attentive to what you really want. When stress rises to distress, the conflicting internal forces weaken your abilities to stay on task. You become driven to distraction.

Do you currently have distressing relationships in your family, at work or in your community? Do you feel frustrated, angry, resentful or in fear? Toxic emotions and feelings of separation deplete the body and minds ability to stay tuned in to the present. Being shackled to the past or hooked into negative expectations of the future scatter your attention and interfere with concentration.

Key Six helps you resolve the multiple levels of distress that cause dysfunction, disorder and distraction.

What do you think it would be like to have specialized tools to relieve any tensions and to restore an inner sense of balance, peace and connection? These are the tools waiting for you in Key Six.


Key Seven-Strong, Purposeful and Well Nourished

Did you know that purpose directs and aligns your actions to the achievement you envision? Being purposeful focuses the mind to choose and direct its resources.

Key Seven ensures you have positive purposes and effective strategies to  maintain a healthy physical and emotional balance to operate in an optimal state. The basic needs of the body to survive and the mind to thrive must always be taken into account. Decisions should be aligned to the most helpful purpose possible concerning what and how you eat, drink, entertain yourself, exercise, work, study and sleep. These are the threads of the tapestry of human life.

Each impacts the ability of the body and the mind to think, act, feel and relate. Wrongly purposed actions cause stress causing undesirable endocrine reactions which make concentration more difficult.

Imagine what it would be like to always make the best choices for a beneficial result?

Key Seven helps tie together all the Seven Keys to give you a strong foundation on which to grow and develop!

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