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Meditation Journeys For accessing Your Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions to Improve Brain and Endocrine Functioning

These guided meditations for breakthroughs and personal emergence are part of the culmination of a lifelong journey researching and experiencing the path to wellness and Oneness that author Brian Sheen began  45 years ago that accesses your inner pharmacy to bring inner peace and accelerate healing. He shares his knowledge in special meditation techniques that will open your heart and mind to the core of its essence to be pure, free and know your eternal nature as your molecules of emotion resonate to release feel good bio-chemicals that can improve wellness and life expectancy. CD Running Time- 59:21

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Deep Inner Shift
By Olivia
I was surprised at how much impact these guided meditations had on me.I know Brian utilized the work of Dr Milton Erickson in all his work so that the stories he uses touches deeper part of my mind to open new windows of understanding while accessing forgotten resources. I loved these and the more I listen the more I enjoy.