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Embracing Your Source and Transcending The Fear Of Dying To Enhance Your Current and Future Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions

Discover the depth of your ultimate truth as a immortal spiritual being having this human experience. Brian discusses the key issues to be faced and embraced which when conquered helps establish a new level of wellness as fearful inner pharmacy prescriptions are replaced with healthy ones as spiritual immortality is understood.  The track in this CD are: 1- Physical Existence 2- The Transitioning Process 3- Return to Source 4- Removing Limits Guided meditation 5- Identification  6- Your Mental Pictures 7- An Guided Inner Journey of Exploration  8- Forgetfulness and Knowledge 9_The Power of God 10- The Space of Pure Consciousness  11- Return to Source guided meditation 12- A Guided Star meditation

 CD Running Time- 68:39

Price $ 5.99
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