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The 7 Key Prescriptions Series For Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy for Development of Focus and Emotional Wellness

This series of 16 recordings is the foundation of Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy  For Development opt Focus and Emotional Wellness It is a specially designed, experiential oriented educational program to help students on psychiatric medications become medication free which has shown a 97% improvement rate for all who have completed it. The program enables those not on medication to develop greater abilities to succeed and feel good about themselves and their families. This program is designed to be a first choice before choosing the potentially dangerous and addictive drugs like Ritalin, Adderall, Zoloft and Prozac etc. It is also designed to help those that are recently on medications get off them to build resources that make drugs unnecessary." This program acts as a training guide for teachers and parents to use these proven techniques in order to to develop better connections and relationships that enhance learning, concentration, relaxation and choice abilities. This includes: An Overview of Todays Drug Oriented Approach and What the Real Causes of ADD/ADHD and Depression Are,  Getting in Sync With Your Children At Home and In School To Share Healthy Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions for Improved Focus and Healthier Relationships, A New Model For Parenting for Feeling Safe and Connected That Sends Healthy Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions For Harmonious Relationships, Avoiding Power Struggles and External Control To Prevent Stressful and Distracting Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions and Restore Healthy Ones-Parenting,  Utilizing The Power of The Subconscious and Unconscious Mind To Create and Maintain Helpful Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions That Improve Focus and Retention, Basic Exercise and Yoga Protocol for Sending Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions that Enhance Focus, Centering and Strength, Learning Focus, Meditation and Teamwork To Access Empowering Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions, Deep Relaxation Techniques for Tuning Into Your Body To Release Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin, Developing Your Ability to Master Your Inner Pharmacy for  Better Focus, Calm and Decision Making, Removing Degrading Self Images To Reverse Distracting Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions and Send Empowering Ones Instead, Expanding Personal Power and Connection To Nature To Send Empowering Prescriptions to Your Inner Pharmacy, Shifting Past, Present and Future Reference Points To Access Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions to Enhance Focus and Emotional Intelligence, Future Possibilities and Challenges For Education To help Make Learning A Positive Inner Pharmacy Experience  

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Saved My Sanity
By Anna
I just finished going through this program and spending time with my son, daughter and husband to practice everything we heard, OMG has this transformed my family! I am so grateful as I thought I had been a bad mother causing these issues which we all were always in conflict about. Next I will do the New World Parenting series as I know I still have improvements to make. But now there is more sanity at home and my husband is 100% on board!

By Reggie
This has changed my life! I thought I needed ADHD meds to function. I've been on them for 13 years and was told I would never be able to stop. The negative effects of inability to sleep and ongoing anxiety was something I had accepted as the price I paid to correct this disorder until I read a couple of books by Peter Breggin. It was in this search I discovered Dr Sheen's program and decided I had nothing to lose by trying. So I just finished this series and it made such an impact that I just stopped taking my Ritalin and surprise surprise, I functioned well without the drugs as long as I used the tools I learned in this series. It's hard to believe it was that easy but for me it was. My doctor can't believe how well it worked for me. I love that I can finally sleep through the night and feel calmer all day. Yes I have to continue to work at what I learned but I feel I am in charge of my life and my attention again!

Focus and Strength
By Denise
I listened to these with my 14 year old son, twice! He was resident at first but slowly came around when I explained it may be possible that by following these steps he could get off his Adderal,which he hated taking for the past 5 years. We took our time and really followed each instruction. Slowly he weened off his medications and by midway through the second go round he was medication free and thriving in school. I saw his old fun self again and he started sleeping so much better. Best of all he has been thriving in school and we are closer than ever. This was really a miracle for us and I recommend this series highly . Why hasn't schools across the country made this available to kids as an alternative I don't understand! I give this ten stars, not only 5!