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A New Model For Parenting for Feeling Safe and Connected That Sends Healthy Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions For Harmonious Relationships

This information acts as a training guide for teachers and parents to use these proven techniques in order to develop better connections and relationships that enhance learning, concentration, relaxation and choice abilities learning how to positively influence each others inner pharmacy. This CD shares in track 1-3 Healing Parent/Child separation  Tracks  4-7 Learning to do the Reconnection Processes  tracks 8/9 Making Btetter Choice Track 10-Making and Using a Vision Board 11- The Parental Circle of Safety   This CD is Part 1 of 2  which continues in  Avoiding Power Struggles and External Control To Prevent Stressful and Distracting Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions and Restore Healthy Ones

CD Running Time 73:54

Price $ 5.99
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