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Avoiding Power Struggles and External Control To Prevent Stressful and Distracting Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions and Restore Healthy Ones-Parenting Part 2

In order to to develop better connections and relationships that enhance learning, concentration, relaxation and decision making abilities, new strategies are needed that join together parent and child in mutual interests that benefit both and maintain healthy inner pharmacy prescriptions. This CD shares how to use a family album to heal, provides a powerful De Labeling Ceremony to  remove negative self concepts that cause stressing inner pharmacy prescriptions. Also discover what real asking and quality time is while learning to connect to the bigger picture of a positive future for child and parent.  CD Running Time 45:55

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By Rachel
Doing the exercises with Dr Sheen guiding me, helped me heal some nagging issues between my son and myself. I then listened again and applied it to my husband and that was helpful to. I got carried away and starting using the tools he shared with my parents, boss and others in my life. Over and over again these tools proved to help me in so many ways.

War and Peace
By Alice
I have now listened to part one and two and have found them really helpful. I had no clue I was creating the atmosphere that supported the very things I didn't want. I still forget and make mistakes but both my kids now are able to help me remember there is another way for us to be at peace with each other and enjoy these times of their teen years!