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Developing Miracle Mindedness For Healing and healthy Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions CD Series

Miracle mindedness is a state of mind that is built upon the knowledge of your truth which has been forgotten, covered up and buried and replaced by the egoic beliefs of being a body stuck in a cruel world of pain and death.The author shares his insights and techniques of what he has used to help thousand of individuals find another way to live in peace, feel good and happily live their life in alignment with their Higher Self. Each of these eleven CDs take you higher and higher along the path to live in the Light of Knowledge that is the core of existence and beyound the meanderings of the personal mind. These CDs include  Loves Presence-The Path To Healing and Wellness Utilizing A Course in Miracles, The Journey To Living A Life Of Miracles, Health and Healing, The Fundamentals of Our Thinking and Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions and The Need To Be Right, The Origin of Illness: Alienation From Love and The Process To Return To Wellness and Your Authentic Self, Choosing Health or Sickness, s; The Decision Maker and The Parts of The Mind,Our Predisposition To Imbalance and Illness From Our World Of Conflict and Stress;  Key Ingredients of Unhealthy Prescriptions: The Elements of The Wrong Mind, Key Ingredients of Healing Prescriptions From Your Inner Pharmacy By Using The Right Mind and The Guiding Light Within,  Experiencing The Benefits of Forgiveness In Your Inner Pharmacy As You Connect To Your Source of Love,God and Oneness,  Using A Prayer For Miracles and Joining Together in Love For Accessing Healing Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions, Your Dreams and Relationships

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By Rachel
I have tried studying A Course in Miracles a few times and even attended a number of classes with different teachers. I always liked what I heard but I just couldn't "get" it. Until now. Brian made this course easy and accessible so I was able to experience many miracles as he guided me through many different guided meditations. I already started listening a second time and am finding more and more that didn't sink in the first time around. What a treasure this is!

Life Changing
By Maryann
I feel like I was reborn! The depth of what I learned and the many exercises and inner journeys I was taken on, has truly changed my life for the better...MUCH better. I have been tried forgiving most of my life, but never really got the benefits I was looking for. I had no idea the forgiving I had learned was ego based and really creating a sense of superiority not a feeling of unity. I am very grateful for the knowledge I learned and expect I will be listening to these many times over to learn all the subtleties. I finally feel a real peace within and a certainty only good will occur in my life.