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Developing Your Ability to Master Your Inner Pharmacy for Better Focus, Calm and Decision Making

The models we use mold our future as we develop habits that create habitual inner pharmacy prescriptions to either focus and relax us or stress and distract us. . In these tracks Brian integrates Key 2,4 and 5 Prescriptions  to improve focus, reduce stress and improve relationship and learning success. Track 1-  Recognition, perception and Self Image 2-Re-Modeling The future 3- The Use of dance and movement to improve attention 4- Using Rhythms and Masks to Learn 5-Objective Focusing 6- Improved Communication 7 Concentration and Distraction 8- Modeling 9-Studying   CD Running Time 42:13

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Fun and Development
By Sarah
I really enjoyed these and have been integrating what I learned into my life with excellent results. My 9 year old son loved doing these exercises and I felt his presence more than I had in a long time. I now have hope there is another way to become focused other than the Ritalin he has been taking and intend to do the entire series with him.