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Removing Degrading Self Images To Reverse Distracting Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions and Send Empowering Ones Instead

Self image and inner dialogue of one's self talk is imperative to be attentive, in control and on task. This is a special journey for  students, parents and teachers  that removes the negative, judgmental and limiting labels and images given by society, doctors and others that weaken and degrade the recipient while sending distracting inner pharmacy prescriptions to the mind/body. This process helps reverse this self sabotaging thinking and send new prescriptions for focus and calm.

 CD Running Time 36:11

Price $ 5.99
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New Self Esteem
By Suri
I've had such a negative image of myself for so long I believed I had been cursed. My confidence level was in the toilet for most of my life as I had been told growing up as a child I was useless and would never amount to anything! No longer! I've gone through this recording three times now and each time I feel stronger and a greater self esteem. It's about time! Many thanks to Brian!