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Shifting Past,Present and Future Reference Points To Access Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions to Enhance Focus and Emotional Intelligence

Each person has a timeline that influences them to either place the past in front to block any future vision as you become stuck in painful memories. This influence both Key Prescriptions of self talk and  being purposeful in unhealthy way. This can result in destroy motivation and willingness to be present while causing anxiety about the future. In this CD Brian uses some simple but advanced NLP and Timeline Therapy techniques to straighten out your timeline and expand sensory input to enhance learning,pleasure and happiness by accessing your inner pharmacy prescriptions to enhance focus and emotional intelligence.

Track 1- The Definition and Impact of Separation Instances Track 2- Straightening Your Timeline  3- Embodiment and Decisions  Track 4- Opening More Channels of Awareness Track 5- Healing The Genesis  Of Duality  Track 6- Integration  Of Oneness  

CD Running Time 38:52

Price $ 5.99
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