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New World Parenting Methods To Enhance Performance in School and Harmony at Home CD Series

New World Parenting is Series composed of 5 recordings (each about an hour) which shares Brian's new paradigm of dealing with the parent-child relationships that replaces dominance, external control and emotional badgering with kindness, respect and compassion. It challenges many old styled parenting approaches that fail to provide the development of personal responsibility, joyful contribution and mutual trust. Listeners learn many different approaches they can use to make meaning shifts in the way they interact with their children that help them be more focused ,on task and motivated to create a satisfying future for themselves.

These recordings include  Parenting In Our Brave New World For A Stable, Connected and Focused Family,  Replacing External Control With Inner Regulation, Trust and Self Esteem To Develop Emotional Intelligence and Wellness, Building A Bridge to Understanding and Co-operation For Great Focus and Self Esteem, Learning Responsibility and Exchange To Maintain Relationship Balance and Self Confidence, New World Parenting For Starting Fresh: A New Beginning For Health, Reconnection and Respect 

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Eye Opening
By Ralph
This opened up a whole new world for me and my relationships with family and friends. I intend to listen a few more times and have shared it with my wife and kids to create a new family image

Made contact
By Stephanie
I have already listened to this series twice and have worked everyday to do things differently with my children. So far the results have been wonderful and my kids and I have connected like never before