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Accelerated Healing Introduction: How and Why You Heal

The research and development done by the author  over the  past 45 years helping individual accelerate their healing process, physically, mentally and emotionally provides new possibilities to take much great responsibility for our wellness than most realize. Learn what your inner pharmacy is and does every second of every day and how everything you think, feel, say and do causes biological responses. Each moment your emotional state, choices and actions either help keep you well to live a long and healthy life, or predisposes you to illness and disease to become chronically weak, sick or in pain with a shortened life expectancy.This is the first step on your path to deep and accelerated healing. Time 72:54 minutes

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How and Why
By Stacy
Now i really know how and why healing happens. Empowering!

Changed my life
By Karol
Thank you, thank you ,thank you. This really opened up my eyes and brought me great new hope to heal myself. Thank you!

By Randy
I had so many questions answered in this audio download I am very pleased. I recommend this to anyone looking to heal and to learn how and why this happens and can be accelerated.

By Rachel
Listening to this has given me hope. I know I can improve my health and happiness as I understand what it takes. Dr Sheen was so easy to understand and really kep me engaged. Thank you Brian!

By Tracey
This turned my head around from feeling like a victim of my condition to realizing I have a healing power I can use to be well again. It's strange but just knowing this has helped me feel energized and filled with hope. I intend to listen to all of Brian audio offerings as I now have faith I am on the right track!

By Keith
I gained a clear picture of how and why I can heal myself. Its nice to know the science and understand the mind,body spirit interplays. Now to start doing it!

By Marianne
My eyes opened to a new understanding of the process of what real healing is at all levels of my being and the work I really needed to do to accomplish my healing goals. I am excited to get started and feel like my true self again

New Clarity
By Peter
I am so excited after listening to this as I got new clarity of the connections of the body and the mind as one in wholeness working with our true self as spirit. I am pumped to hear more.