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The Unconscious Mind Body-The Path To Healing Using Your Inner Pharmacy

Learn about the different circles of existence to develop a new perspective of how your body and life are one. In this recording Brian explains the different levels of consciousness and how to access your inner pharmacy through a three part breathing technique to interrupt the autonomic nervous systems fight or flight response. Brian then explains how to engage your unconscious mind body to build new synaptic connections in your pre-frontal cortex that can build new habits to help you heal and stay healthy.
Track 1- Circles of Existence 2-Levels of Consciousness  3-Assessing The Body/Three Part Breath 4-Feeling Embodiment 5-Motivation  Total Time 74 Minutes

Time 73:52 minutes

Price $ 8.88
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Very meaningful
By Sally
I loved this recording. It clarified many thoughts I have had about life and existence. The exercises I was led through really worked well. Thank you!

By Monica
I loved this recording and found great depth of understanding to help me deal with some major issues in my life from an entirely new perspective.

Very Helpful
By Harry
I found this insightful and useful for helping me grasp the major shifts I am going through in my life. I couldn't believe how beneficial I found the simple techniques he shared.I had my wife listen to this too and she felt the same way. So glad to have found this site!

New Openings
By Nancy
I was pleasantly surprised as to the depth and impact listening to this recording had on me. The simple techniques were helpful but realigning my thinking to understand the different levels of existence,really opened my eyes.I'm excited to download more and keep my hlearning and healing process moving forward.

By Maggie
I feel this opened up a new world to me for healing and personal growth. He really put things in an easy to understand perspective that pointed the way for what my path ahead is. His example were very relatable for me and I liked his easy going manner in speaking as if he was beside me as a friend