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Developing Inner Resources of Safety, Protection and Support To Reduce Stress, Increase Focus and Strengthen Your Immune System

Knowing how to find inner safety, ensures you are not in a hostile environment where you feel threatened and ill at ease. This ability helps your inner pharmacy to send calming prescriptions that help you focus while strengthening your immune system to heal faster and prevent illness.In this recording you will be led you on a deep inner journey of finding safety to provide you a place of sanctuary where you feel protected and have the ability to cocoon. Cocooning is the ability to go deep inside and allow the transformation that is happening to occur. Whatever illness you are going through it important to allow yourself to be absorbed and the present moment so you can listen to that Inner Voice. This Voice is your that intuitive knowing that will share with you what it is you need to know to find the greater meaning of what you are experiencing. 

Track 1- Personal Safety 2-Returning To Safety and Protection 3-Support and Representation 4-Embodying a Space of Safety

Running Time-79:39

Price $ 8.88
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