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Using Bioenergetics To Accelerate Healing and Open Your Inner Pharmacy

This recording shares with you the fundamental of why it is important  to access the repressed chronic holding patterns locked in the body using the techniques developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen in Bioenergetics. You will get a good understanding of why Bioenergetic  techniques help reverse frozen messages in the nervous system that keep muscular armoring in tact which deaden aliveness, reduces oxygen circulation and keeps the sympathetic nervous system on constant alert to predispose you to illness,weakness and feelings of being inadequate. Soon your inner pharmacy opens for healthy new prescriptions to be provided that enhance wellness, longevity and accelerates healing. Then in the Releasing Chronic Muscular Tensions With Bioenergetics To Restore Circulation, Flexibility and Homeostasis you will be led to what to do and how as Brian guides you in doing these processes.

Track 1-The body and the unconscious mind  2- Preparation for This Process  3- Recognizing Blocks Embodiment and Vocalization 4-The Tool of the Breathing Stool

CD Time 55:06

Price $ 8.88
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