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Case Studies of Healing Relationships That Accelerate Healing And Enhance Happiness

All relationships are holy encounters that provide an opportunity for you to heal and grow that can positively influence your inner pharmacy to help you heal and feel happy. It is a powerful healing approach to learn to look beyond feelings of hurt and rejection and go beyond any failures and undesirable consequences you encounter. Achieving this can help you develop new awareness and ability to master your mind and therefore your inner pharmacy regarding relationships. In this recording Brian shares many helpful insights to shift your interpretations and experience of any relationship you have had or will have to contribute to your growth and wellness instead of your pain, illness and/or disappointment.  

Track 1- Learning Through Others  Track 2- Scripting Your Life    Track 3- Mothers Influence Track   4-What You Dwell On You Become  Track 5- New Vibrations   Track 6- Deceit of Intention and Decision   Track- 7 Honest Communication Track 8- Godless and Loveless Influences   Track- 9 Hidden Grievances Track    10- The Influence of Guilt     Track 11- Projection     Total Running Time 72:22              

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Blast OFF
By Emmanuel
I identified with so many of the cases Dr Sheen shared,I thought he was talking about me (although we have never met!) He seems to have his finger on the pulse of the struggles I have had most of my life and many tools I could use to change my trajectory, I'm ready to relaunch myself to reach the stars.