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Accelerated Healing Through Raising The Frequency of Your Core Vibrational Fields

The life and existence we experience is an interplay of vibrational fields of energy creating particles and waves of varying frequencies that aggregate and separate to form the universe we experience. By understanding how to shift your emotional state you can return not only homeostasis for feel good neurotransmitters to be released but elevate your levels of vitality, healing and illness prevention as if receiving a vaccine.  In this recording Brian presents to you knowledge and means to accomplish this. Core Vibrational Fields  Track 1-The Vibration of Life and Existence Track 2- The four states of consciousness Track 3- Pure Beyond Form  Track 4-Developing A New Focus and Channel     Track  5-The Science of Mantras    Track 6-Sharing Our Emotional State  Track 7-  Dreams vs Reality       Track 8-Attention Gives Life   Track 9- Satang, Discovering What We're Not    Running Time- 52:48 


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