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Embracing The Oneness of Self To Discover Your Immortality To Enhance Your Healing and Joy of Life

Feeling safe and knowing you have a future beyond the existence of your body can have a powerfully positive effect to enhance the mental and emotional state of anyone facing major illness or physical dissolution. Fear of dying oneself or someone close to you sends unhealthy prescriptions to one's inner pharmacy that can cause anxiety, depression, anger or numbness that for some can last for years until resolved.
These protocols were developed over many years helping individuals and their families when dealing with a transition in their family.These help individuals and family members faced with these issues to better accept the inevitable process of the circle of physical existence and allow a  greeter joy and appreciation of each moment currently and in the past as their biological and emotional systems are returned to feel balanced and grounded again.  

Track 1- Exercise-The Day You Make for Yourself     Track 2 Are you your body? A special exercise  Track 3- The Pure Space of Being Track 4- Beyound The Mind's Ideas Track 5-The Waves of Memory and Desire Track 6 -Established In Truth Track 7 New Awareness of Self  Track 8 -Preparing To Go Within Track- 9 Removing Your Inner Struggle  Track 10- Your True Function Track-11 Re-aligning With Your Truth Track 12-Part 2- Purifying and Re-aligning  

Total Running Time- 79:39

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