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Healing The Loss of Loved Ones To Help You Heal Your Grief Help and Reopen Your Heart

Dealing with the loss of someone close to you in your life is one of the biggest challenges of life. Yet living with a broken heart and deep sadness doesn't serve anyone and predisposes you to weakness and illness as your body and mind are out of balance sending unhealthy messages to your inner pharmacy that can cause mental, emotional and/or physical illness. Grieving is a deep internal process that differs for everyone but is vital to handle in as healthy a way as possible.

In this powerful recording, which ends with a powerful healing inner journey, you learn to face, embrace and bring grace to this ongoing human event to help you look at it  in a different way that can help you feel activate inner pharmacy prescriptions that enable you to better and move forward again. 

Track 1- The Effects of a Loss Track 2- The Threat of Loss Track 3 Going Within Track-4 Your Timeline and Embodiment    Track5-The Lessons Learned Loved Shared.  Track 6- The Honoring Light  Track-7 Healing Loss of Loved One Induction

Total Running Time- 72:03


Price $ 5.99
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By Nadine
I feel a great relief since listening. My mind and body feels more at ease. The tragedies of my past don't press on me like they were.

Grieving No More
By Maxine
For three years since the death of my son I have been shattered, broken, so sad I didn't want to live. I saw an article by Brian and found myself on his site searching through his catalog. Seeing this one hit me like a ton of bricks and so I downloaded it and gave it a try. Four times now! I feel like a weight was lifted off my chest and I can now think of my son and smile, really smile. I will celebrate his life by finding happiness and contributing to others my love. Its nice to wake up smiling again!