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The Clear Mind, Open Heart Meditation CD Series

Discover the depth of your ultimate truth as a immortal spiritual being having this human experience.  These 12 CDs provide you the knowledge and techniques for developing higher awareness and accessing the higher dimensions of truth and Self Realization. They are the culmination of a lifelong journey researching and experiencing the path to Oneness that author Brian Sheen began nearly 50 years ago. He shares his knowledge in easy to assimilate stories and dozens of meditation techniques that open the heart and mind to the core of its essence to be pure, free and know your eternal nature. Each CD is Approxiamtely an hour in length
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By Patricia
Just what I needed. Brian took me on such an amazing journey I felt like he was there with me guiding me on this marvelous journey to know my true self. I gathered a few of my friends to listen with me and let Brian guide us in the dozens of guided mediations. They enjoyed this as much as I did.