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Using Your Intentions and Decisions To Use Your Inner Pharmacy to Expedite Your Healing Process and Extend Your Life Expectancy

Until your underlying intentions and decisions are recognized, acknowledged and realigned, healing is temporary at best as the unconscious mind/body will find seek another way to fulfill what it wants to get to punish itself, play the victim or fulfill its warped beliefs. It are ones intentions that establish how you define the quality of your life and direct your actions. These are the underlying "signatures" that are part of every inner pharmacy prescription you send yourself. Your decisions seek to obtain  the values you establish to determine your feelings of success or failure  and thereby are at the base of each inner pharmacy prescription you send yourself.
In this recording Brian's protocol addresses these underlying primary causes and helps listeners uncover forgotten misguided thinking that has lead to the conditions they find themselves in today. There is a great freedom experienced as old mental viruses are safely deleted and replaced with healthy new programming.
Track 1-Critical Choices    Track 2- The Power of Your Intention    Track 3-Stepping Back and Re-Evaluating    Track 4- Developing The Power of Intention Induction -A Deep Hypnotic Journey   Track 5- Embodying Your Higher Self To Create New Synaptic Connections Track 6- launching New Intention For Manifestation Of Wellness       Total Running Time- 76:42

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