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Attitudes and Beliefs That Sabotage Healing and Relationships Which Can Predispose You To Illness and Slow Healing

Your attitudes shape your mind and your body. You embody every part of your belief system and act not only as if you are certain they are true, but you defend them and attack others with differing beliefs that cause you to act as if they are you and MUST be protected from harm. The emotional consequences of how your values are supported or opposed greatly influences the operation of all of your biological systems and needs to be at a place of peace for homeostasis to occur. Conflict, feelings of current threats or past grievances send harmful inner pharmacy prescriptions to your system while weakening your immune and nervous systems. Deep healing can occur as the super ego demands and expectations are recognized and laid aside as old masks are replaced with new presence and awareness. This is the path to sending empowering prescriptions to your inner pharmacy that provide energy and peace to live a healthy and heart directed life. 

In this recording Brian educates you on many important aspects of both relationships and the healing process that you can leaner to improve by understanding.  

Track 1- The Need to Always Be Right   Track 2-Being Special  Track 3-Digging Deeper  Track 4- Consequences  Track 5 -The Super Ego  Track 6-The Need To Be Perfect and  Idealistic Demands  Track 7-Experiential Growth  Track 8 Our Masks  Track 9- Interpretations and Perception  Track 10- New Expansion  

TotalRunning Time -56:48

Price $ 8.88
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