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Co-Creating A Healthy and Prosperous Life To Prevent Illness,Extend Live and Be Happier

Although most people like to blame other and deny responsibility for their life conditions,you are not a victim of what happens to you but are actively engaged with co-creating it. One of the most empowering lessons to ever learn is everything that has happened to you, you asked for at one level to help you learn and grow EVEN  if you completely forgot you asked! EVERYTHING is a lesson Life would have you learn, not to punish you, but to empower you so you learn and grow to fulfill the function you were given by your Creator. Accepting this knowledge has tremendous effects on how your inner pharmacy functions to help you maintain wellness or become sick. You ARE a co-creator in this process if you are willing to find another way to shed victim consciousness and become the vicarious instead.

In this recording you will learn useful  knowledge for  personal development to build create a healthy and prosperous life.     

Track 1- What Are the dynamics of power and weakness and how do they effect your health and well being?    Track 2- What Co-Creation Is and How You Can Use It To Recover,Prevent Illness and Extend Life   Track 3- A Deep Inner Journey To Become a Co-Creator Of Your Life To Get Everything Your Want  

Total Running Time- 51:29

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NOT a Victim
By Trevor
Feeling myself taking charge of my life again feels really good. I have been so low for so long blaming my upbringing, the society, those who abandoned me..I forgot what it felt like to be empowered to make my life as I want it to be regardless of what others say or think. Thank you Brian for pointing me in the right direction.

By Kimberly
This opened up a new world for me and got me back on track after spending decades running around in circles. I loved the way the doc shared things in a way I could easily grasp and help me get around my old pattern of blaming others for the emotion I was experiencing