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Developing New Strengths To Enhance Your Immune System,While Helping Prevent Depression and Illness

Your attitude, outlook and self image directly influences the level of functioning of your parasympathetic and immune systems. Feeling of low self esteem, poor self image and lack of confidence keeps a person on the brink of being exposed to illness as circulation is weakened through ischemia and Tension Myositis Syndrome. These conditions send unhealthy inner pharmacy prescriptions that can cause feelings of sadness, distraction, anger and anxiety. In this recording these protocols help listeners access deep inner resources to feel more empowered and stable to handle what life delivers while directing your inner pharmacy to send empowering feel good prescriptions to yourself.
Track 1- Developing Strengths and Handling Unexpected Events    Track 2- Preparation for Hypnotic Journey     Track 3- A Hypnotic Induction To Build Inner Strength and Turbo Charge Your Immune System  Track 4-  Deepening and Maintaining Your New resources With Symbolic Representations

Total Running Time- 60:38

Price $ 8.88
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