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Embracing Your Family Constellation To Restore Resonance, Vitality and Wellness

Inside your body and mind are the ancestors who came before you who greatly influenced your DNA, belief systems, attitudes and conditions of each of your stages of development. We are all unconsciously entangled in either the suffering and struggle or the joy and victory our ancestors experienced. For most it is a mixed bag; good and bad, helpful and hurtful. Yet for all, the influence is undeniable. Fortunately when you learn how to access this ancestral  strength and power while releasing any hidden guilt and pain buried within, your body and mind can experience a renaissance of wellness and vitality that can help you heal faster, prevent illness and extend your life expectancy as your inner pharmacy functioning is greatly improved. In this recording these protocols will help you restore your connections to your family and help you heal as you do.

Track 1- Understanding Your Family Tree and It's Effects  Track 2- Recognizing Your Family Impact on Your Life Track 4- Prepare for Deep Hypnotic Induction  Track 5- A Hypnotic Induction To Help Reconstruct and Gain  Power from Your Family Constellation.

Total Running Time- 70:06

Price $ 8.88

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