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Embracing Your Source For Wellness and Spontaneous Healing

Having faith in a spiritual existence beyond the form of the body is a key component of spontaneous healing. Regardless of your religious faith or even when there is only a scientific "faith," stepping outside fearful belief systems of only being just a body that is born and then dies does not serve you well. This creates a subtle or sometimes not so subtle fear of death which gets more intense the older you get and the closer to your life "expectancy." Unfortunately whatever you level of this fear is,whether repressed or acknowledged, it can send unhealthy inner pharmacy prescriptions to your body to weaken you and reduce your longevity. for being at peace and accessing a divine or universal energy that can instantly cause miraculous healing.

In this recording  you will be directed through  different protocols to help you step further up the path to embracing a new and powerful truth that may bring many unexpected benefits for your health and happiness.  

Track 1- Facing Your Physical Mortality   Track 2- Going to The Other Side  Track 3- Returning To Your Source Track 4- Removing Limits From Your Mind Guided Meditation Track 5 -Releasing Labels  Track 6- Removing False Self Images  Track 8-The Waving Flag  Track 9- Existence Track 10 -Being Pure Consciousness Track 11- Returning To Your Source Guided Meditation  

Total Time-68:39

Price $ 8.88
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