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Emotional Breath Purification To Reactivate Your Parasympathetic Healing System

Your respiratory functioning is the most essential element of life. How you breath influences your thinking, energy levels and what part of your nervous system is in charge. Fear, frustration, anger, depression and anxiety all cause holding of breath, shallow breathing and predisposition and perpetuation of illness. This not only shuts down your immune system but send inner pharmacy prescriptions that cause anxiety, distraction,depression and poor sleep. In this recording Brian begins to take you on a journey of opening your breath, circulation and removing the toxic emotional garbage of the past still buried in your unconscious mind/body to allow new inner pharmacy prescriptions to be sent that bring calm, wellness and accelerated healing.

Track1-Introduction Track 2-Preparation for Respiratory Purification and Release Track 3 -A Specailly directed purifying session with Brian guiding you to greater freedom Track 5-  Integration and Representation of your New Found Freedom CD Running Time- 52:00

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