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Facing, Embracing and Replacing the Fear of Death To Improve The Quality Of Health and Life

The fear of dying is an underlying emotion for all human beings. While some have excellent coping mechanisms to minimize its effects, others become paralyzed by the thought. Often the older one gets and the closer they feel to 'the end" the greater the push and pull of this fear within. In the vedantic tradition of India this fear is called abhinivaysh and is caused by avidya, ignorance of yourself as pure, free and immortal spirit.  Regardless of how you look at this the influence of this fear can be devastating and can shorten life if constant worry and dread fills ones thoughts to lower ones emotional state and thereby compromise functioning of their immune system. Therefore in this CD's protocol's Brian has you face, embrace and replace your fearful perceptions and shift them to a higher knowledge of the scientific research of how energy can never be destroyed but only transformed and that you are this immortal spiritual energy regardless of what religious belief system you subscribe to. This process helps re-activate your inner pharmacy to release chronic fear  that keeps the sympathetic nervous system stuck on hold and the immune system shut down producing anxiety and depression.

Track 1- Facing The Fear of Death   Track 2- Joining In Oneness With Your Source  Track 3- Your Self Control  Track 4- Your Obituary and Headstone  Track 5- A Lasting Voice and Celebration track 6- The Now and The Then  Track 7- The counsel Of Life  Track 8- Journey With Your Source  Track 9- Preparation For Induction  Track10-  Overcoming The Fear Of Death To Extend Life and Feel Your Wholeness  CD Running Time-77:22

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