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Testimony with deep meaning

Its always a joy to receive email like this one. This was a client that really integrated the work we did together to greatly enhance his marriage, family and business nice. Perhaps it will inspire you. I am stilll working with client from around the world on Skype and my 7 Keys for attention development online program.

“I was originally introduced to Brian through my wife after our declining marriage became worse soon after we had our first child. I originally had no interest in meeting a therapist/marriage counselor but because our marriage was in such a bad place and we had a newborn child at the house, this was our last option to stay together. 

We initially met Brian as a couple and we spoke to him about where we were in our relationship. At the end of the session Brian asked to meet with us individually, I didn’t understand why because I thought we were supposed to be meeting altogether as we were there for “marriage counseling”. I agreed to meet Brian alone and spent time talking to Brian about myself as a husband, myself as a new parent, myself as a business owner and employer. At the end of that section Brian still wanted to meet with me individually and I still really didn’t understand why because I thought the whole reason why we were there was to fix our marriage together as a couple in front of him, maybe I was looking for a referee or somebody to take my side. 

I agreed to continue to meet with Brian individually and like as a therapist or sometimes a “personal coach” he had me working out knots in my thinking and helped retrain me to do things a more empowering way. Brian exposed many major issues that I had by myself. He exposed the reasons why our relationship was DEAD even though I wasn’t technically “wrong” and that something in our relationship wasn’t my “fault.” With Brian’s help I soon realized I couldn’t fix it without having to be right. 

Being a new parent and being an employer of a growing company I realized with Brian that I had to be the best version of myself If I wanted to make the highs of life higher and last longer and be able to shorten and battle the lows of life. Over the years I continued to “work out” with Brian and when I say work out I mean working out in the sense of lifting heavy weights for my mind and working out heavy mental roadblocks, kinks, knots. In addition to discussing marriage, parenthood, being an employer, business owner, I was always eager to bring up important issues with Brian to figure out what the best approach is and he saved me from myself a number of times.

Over the years Brian has given me tools, resources and direction where I can find additional information to continue to work out on my own. 
If anybody wants to improve them self in any fashion in any area of their life I would recommend speaking to Brian.” J.J.

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