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The Tour begins…

I began the countdown today for the next leg of my world tour and leave for Peru in one month. From there I go to Chile,Argentina,Uraguay and Colombia. I will be gone for about 6 months and have just put my house up for rent. (Know anyone looking?) So many amazing opportunities keep unfolding I am not sure I will ever return to South Florida to live. I have loved my time here and the opportunity to meet so many incredible people. I hope the knowledge I shared while here in my classes, workshops, school and private sessions have left a helpful and empowering impression that will last for a lifetime bringing greater peace, happiness, health and love to each person and every relationship and activity. You will all always be in my heart with deep gratitude. And Yes, as some have asked,I will still be available on Skype for consultations if needed. The world is now Wi Fi connected. If you need to see me before I leave or attend a class a friend has asked me to give for the few weeks I am still here, please message me and we can work this out. May you live long,healthy and prosper!

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