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Train the Brain at Wellington High School

Returning to the US has been a whirlwind of activity centered around the sharing of my program,Training Your Brain For Success Through Emotional Empowerment Regulating (STEER), to one hundred 9th and 10th graders at Wellington High School. The program was very well received and inspired many there to understand the importance of EQ, emotional intelligence in living a happy, healthy and successful life. I was happy to see Paula Triana, Palm Beach County School’s Wellness Task Force Director, there to see my presentation and share with me her appreciation of the knowledge I shared. Perhaps I will do more of this in the next school year as other schools learn of the success this program has had.

Of course I loved Thursday night sharing A Course in Miracles to students at Gina’s in Hypoluxo and then doing past life regressions at Ruthy’s event in Boca Raton.There is nothing I love more than sharing the knowledge of healing whatever issues are causing pain or limitation to experience freedom and live in joy and peace. I have also met with a number of clients privately to help them deal with a wide variety of issues that needed healing.

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