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Workshop for deep healing in Colmbia

Maybe is time for you to discover the real causes that are hidden deep inside your unconscious mind.

Come to this workshop of deep healing, an experimental program that combines epigenetics and neuroscience and Quantum Embodiment with Dr. Brian Sheen

Dr. Brian Sheen is an author of 08 books includding Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy    and     Journey to the Higher Self. He is the founder of Florida Institute of Complementery and Alternative Medicine and he also developed the 7 keys attention development dor emotional wellness.

In this workshops everyone will be able to have the opportunity to work on their personal problems in a group environment and experience a wide variety of therapies that will help them to train their brains, heal traumas and redirect their genes to optimize wellness.

Tools and strategies included in the Workshop:

1. Pastlife and Childhood Regressions without using hypnosis 

2. Techniques of Cuantic Psycology and Bioenergetics techniques that release chronic mechanisms of mental, emotional and physical defense to be replaced by energy and knowledge of coherent and empowered life force.

3. Heal conflicts in relationships and traumatic situations in life in order to improve your level of peace, satisfaction and enojyment, using a course in miracles and radical forgiveness.

4. Experience transpersonal hynosis, Meta-PNL and Quantum Breathwork to release yourseld from the past and create a promising future. 

Date: September 21 and 22 

Time: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm

Place: ClaraSOl Music and Therapy Academy. Calle 22a Sur #46-47 Zuñiga/Envigado

email: clarasolmyt@yahoo.com

phones: 3315354 – 2703684


Price: $450 two days, $250 one day

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