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Workshop in the mountains of Medellin, Colombia

Get ready to be blown away! This is the transformational workshop I have dreamed of for 20 years about to come true to help people have incredible breakthroughs into new realms of awareness, growth and healing in a spectacular 5 star retreat in January 2019, in the mountains of Medellin,Colombia. I was honored to be offered this opportunity as doing this there is not only an incredible space but the value of the dollar buys 300% more there than in US. I had priced this at a 5 start retreat in the US and it would be triple the cost and that didn’t even cover the cost of the food! If you are ready for an experience of your lifetime where everyday you get immersed into the depth of Life and Consciousness using every modality of transformation I have learned and shared over the past 45 years from shamanism to past life regressions, from Constellations to yogic knowledge, from Bioenergetics to Quantum Psychology,check this out and take advantage of the early sign up discount. We are limited by the number of rooms available so registration will be accepted on a first come basis. I look forward to seeing you there.

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