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Workshops! Thanks Colombia

Just finished an amazing workshop outside Medellin Colombia and it was spectacular! The attendance was twice what was expected and the forty participants were each soaring as they left! They came to change their lives and learn how to integrate the tools and strategies of The Science of Quantum Embodiment to be renewed to make 2019 their best year ever; and oh did they! I was blessed to have Doctora Clara María Solórzano Peláez working together with me sharing her knowledge and expertise in music therapy. This is a fun aspect of Quantum Embodiment to provide release of stress and connection to the Oneness especially after doing some deep healing processing of childhood traumas.Of course the incredible atmosphere of hiking in the mountains, swimming in the river and playing in the waterfalls was energizing. And combining this with the incredible variety of birds, butterflies and animal life revitalized everyone as they were absorbed in nature. It is so therapeutic to give yourself time to detach from the stress of city life and be absorbed into Nature.
Of course I loved best watching students overcome lifelong suffering from mental and physical abuse that imprinted them with the beliefs they were not good enough and should not express their innermost feelings and desires. These experiences predisposed them to their illnesses of thyroid cancer, heart disease, diabetes and an entire host of illnesses. Fortunately we quickly began them on the road to spontaneous remission of whatever issues they were dealing with.
Stay tuned, we have already begun to plan our next workshop to continue to share the miracles which we began last week.

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